Monday, 28 February 2011

The Art of Flight...

The Art of Flight is a snowboarding opus from Brain Farm, Red Bull Media House and Quiksilver that drops Autumn 2011. Talk about your epic trailers. Sickly huge.

Sunday, 27 February 2011


This short video is from Intel's Visual Life series and features Scott Schumann aka The Sartorialist. When I first saw the images on his blog,, I knew I had stumbled onto the way I wanted to capture people.

The video itself follows Mr. Schumann as he photographs interesting folk in and around New York and is shot and edited beautifully by director Taylor Manson.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

How Would You Do It?

Had this rather catchy song introduced to me by the achingly-hip sister. It's by Parisian maestro Medi, who's debut solo album, You Got Me (Moving), hit French shelves last month. As was pointed out to me, you've got to admire a gentleman who can move like this in jeans that tight.

Monday, 21 February 2011


This brilliant little ad from Heineken wonderfully carries itself with a touch of panache and ingenuity. Could all ads please be like this and not like Go Compare?

UP IN... Oxford

Battle: Los Angeles...

By now the trailer for Battle: Los Angeles is hitting cinema screens around the UK and it looks like this alien-invasion film is going to be badass. Epic special effects? Check. Meccano-clad alien overlords? Check. The odd Marine shouting 'We've got to move. Now!'. Surely. Battle: Los Angeles is looking more District 9 than Skyline. Due for general release March 11th.

PS For those wondering the eerily haunting, Hawking-voiced song that floats in towards the end of this trailer is called 'The Sun's Gone Dim and the Sky is Black', by Icelandic musician Johann Johannsson.

UP IN... Oxford


Aziz Ansari will be performing a few dates in London as part of his Dangerously Delicious Tour. The keen-eyed of you may have spotted him playing a racist fruit-vendor on HBO's Flight of the Conchords, or as Raaaaaaaandy (with eight a's) in Judd Apatow's Funny People. 2011 is going to be a big year for Mr. Ansari, so check him out while you can. Performance dates run from the 24th-28th of February at the Soho Theatre and if you're not able to get a ticket try his blog at .


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